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Reliable Electrical Services

Light up your Texas home and benefit from professional advice and expert installations from the lighting specialists at Reliable Electrical Services. Read reviews from other happy Reliable customers here and our service satisfaction guarantee here.Residential Electrician s

We can help with all your home's interior lighting solutions, including:

1. New Lighting Expertly Installed When you choose experienced electricians to install your lighting you can relax knowing your lighting has been wired and installed by the professionals. They can also assist by answering any lighting questions you may have and offering their professional advice.

2. Lighting Advice From The Experts Benefit from the experience of our electrical team to complement your home with the perfect lighting. They can help with design advice on layout to provide optimum illumination, effect and ambiance. They can also assist with advice on new lighting features and help sourcing styles of light fittings to suit your décor.

3. All Lighting Repairs If you're having issues with your existing lighting such as lights not turning on even though you've changed the bulb, loose connections or flickering issues, stay safe and call our electrical experts who will repair your lights and have them operating safely again for you.

4. Recessed Lighting Modernize your home's lighting and enjoy increased illumination with recessed lighting. It's not just your ceiling that recessed lighting can be installed in. Get the look straight out of the latest home styling magazines when you install recessed lighting in your floors, stairs or even outside in your decking.

5. Chandeliers With something as delicate and grand as a chandelier, you can depend on our experienced team to provide the care and precision required for a professional installation allowing you to sit back and enjoy it's beauty.

6. Track And Accent Lighting Highlight artwork, photos, architectural features or even pieces of furniture with professionally installed track and accent lighting that will bring attention to the areas you want noticed in your home.

7. Switches And Dimmers We'll install new light switches whether to bring a modern touch to a room, to replace a broken one, or in a new position for improved accessibility. We also install and repair dimmer controls that provide control over the ambience of a room.

8. Licensed And Insured We're fully licensed and insured for all your lighting and electrical service needs across the state of Texas.electricians

9. Full Price Up Front You won't be kept in the dark as to the cost of your lighting service, as we'll provide you with a complete job price before we start.

10. Tidy Lighting Service We'll keep your property tidy as we work by wearing covers on shoes and placing drop cloths around work areas, plus you can be sure we'll tidy up before leaving.

For on-time professional lighting solutions in your home, call and speak with the lighting specialists at Reliable Electrical Services today.

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Water Heaters Parts & Accessories – Your Local Plumber

Water Heater Accessories are those accessories which are used in water heating system for the better performance of water heating mechanism. Some of the accessories are water heater installation 1. Temperature Controllers: The temperature controllers regulate the temperature of water coming out of the water heating system. There are several varieties of temperature controllers but you must look for the best quality product.

2. Anode Rod: An Anode Rod will ensure that the appliance you use for heating of water does not rust. There are also several other type of rods which ensure that you have clean water which is not smelly.

3. Flushing Kits: The flushing kit will ensure that you do not have any sediment at the bottom of your tank. You my flush the tank to remove any solid waste particles which may clog the heating system of your water heater.

4. Pipes and Accessories to Water Heater: There are inflow and outflow pipes in the water heater which should not be clogged, so look for copper pipes covered with insulated cloth or PVC pipes with high quality PVC.

5. Tank less Water Heaters: Tank less water heaters is useful as no water tank is required which saves the space. It is also beneficial in conserving energy as the quantity of water heated is only as per requirement.

How to find Water Heater Accessories You must find the best accessories for your water heater so that it remains flawless for a long time. The best ways to find Water heater Accessories are:tankless water heaters - on demand water heater

1. Get More Information: You must get well informed about the latest accessories available for your brand of water heater from the manufacturers website.

2. Look for New Accessories: Look for new articles online or in magazines for the latest accessories which can be added to any brand of water heater like Element, safety valves or connecting pipes, which you may require next time when your current set of element / valves / pipes get faulty.

3. Compare Prices: Whenever you need to buy any water heater accessories try to compare prices from at least two vendors or websites.

4. Newspaper Classifieds: Look for newspaper classifieds to see some new things in the water heater accessories field.

5. Online Classifieds: Some companies with new water heater products like energy saving etc. advertise online, so look for online classifieds and advertisements for new product releases.

Science & Environment

Greenland ice sheet hides huge ‘impact crater’

The 31km-wide depression came to light when scientists examined radar images of the island's bedrock.

Investigations suggest the feature was probably dug out by a 1.5km-wide iron asteroid sometime between about 12,000 and three million years ago.

But without drilling through nearly 1km of ice to sample the bed directly, scientists can't be more specific.

"We will endeavour to do this; it would certainly be the best way to get the 'dead fish on the table' (acknowledge the issue, rather than leaving it), so to speak," Prof Kurt Kjær, from the Danish Museum of Natural History, told BBC News.

If confirmed, the crater would be the first of any size that has been observed under one of Earth's continental ice sheets.

The discovery is reported in the journal Science Advances.

How Greenland scorched its underside How Greenland would look without its ice Hunt for Antarctica's 'lost meteorites'

What does the crater look like? The putative impact crater is located right on the northwest margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet, underneath what is known as Hiawatha Glacier.

Additional high-resolution radar imagery gathered by Prof Kjær's team clearly shows a circular structure that is elevated at its rim and at its centre - both classic traits. But because the depression is covered by up to 980m of ice, the scientists have so far had to rely on indirect studies.

What is the supporting evidence? Meltwaters running out from under Hiawatha Glacier into the Nares Strait carry sediments from the depression. In these sediments are quartz grains which have been subjected to enormous shock pressures, of the type that would be experienced in an impact.

Other river sediments have revealed unusual ratios in the concentrations of different metals.

"The profile we saw was an enrichment of rhodium, a depletion of platinum, and an enrichment of palladium," explained team-member Dr Iain McDonald, from Cardiff University, UK.

"We got very excited about this because we realised we weren't looking at a stony meteorite, but an iron meteorite - and not just any old iron meteorite; it had to be quite an unusual composition."

Such metal objects that fall to Earth are thought to be the smashed up innards of bodies that almost became planets at the start of the Solar System.

The signatures identified by Dr McDonald are relatively close to those in iron meteorite fragments collected at Cape York not far from the Hiawatha site. It's not inconceivable, the team argues, that the Cape York material represents pieces that came away from the main asteroid object as it moved towards its collision with Earth.